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Third term rent cancelled for campus accommodation

Students are now able to cancel their tenancy with the University

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Earlier today, students in campus accommodation received confirmation that they will be offered the option to cancel their accommodation contract with the University for the final term of this academic year.

If students do opt to cancel their contract there will be no charge for their accommodation from Tuesday 14 April, the start of summer term, and their contract will be cancelled. This information comes after all students still residing in campus accommodation were encouraged to return home if possible.

To terminate a tenancy agreement with the University early, students will have to complete a Covid-19 Request to Vacate form to make Accommodation Services aware that they wish to be released from their tenancy agreement. This includes students in Student Castle who booked directly through Accommodation Services.

Students that have already returned home for Easter break are being asked not to return immediately to collect belongings due to new government restrictions. Leaving belongings in campus accommodation does not mean students will have to pay rent next term. Students who have already left but still have keys are being asked to mail them back to their college reception if possible.

Campus accommodation does currently remain open for students who are unable to go home and whilst all catering facilities are closed for the foreseeable future, Nisa shops on campus remain open for students to purchase essential supplies. Security also remains on the campus 24/7. However, it will be operating at a reduced service. Student support teams including Open Door and Disability, Student Hub, Security and Colleges are still available to students remotely.

Communal areas such as kitchens and shared bathrooms within accommodation are being classed by the University as household areas and therefore Public Health advice on self-isolation will apply to students who remain at the university.

Over the next few days all students can expect to be contacted by Student Services to participate in a ‘location census’ as well as receiving further information from the University as the situation develops.

The Vice Chancellor, Charlie Jeffrey, concluded his email to students stating that he will “be in contact again in the coming days with further information, but in the meantime, keep checking your emails and the Covid19 webpages for new guidance and updates.” He also advises students to stay “healthy and safe”, and crucially, “follow the guidance provided by the Government and health services of the country where you reside.”

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