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Vegan vs the real thing: Gregg's steak bake

Our editors taste test the new Gregg's steak bake- can they tell the difference between the vegan rendition and the real thing?

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Two weeks ago, pastry giant Greggs released their vegan steak bake. Customers were queuing for over an hour in Newcastle to try the long-anticipated treat. Given the success of their vegan sausage roll last year, it’s hardly surprising that Greggs are further expanding their plant-based offerings. The company has had such a great year, that at the end of this month, they will be sharing a £7 million bonus with their staff, totalling £300 each. But will the vegan steak bake cause as much of a stir as the sausage roll? Our editors weigh in on whether the vegan version is the real deal.

Alex, MUSE Editor:
The vegan bake was actually as good as the real thing. It tastes just like meat, which probably isn’t a great thing. I’ve been vegetarian for a few months, but before that I was a real steak bake fan, and this definitely matches up to the real thing. As a vegetarian who really misses meat, it can be hard to find snacks like this that replicate the real thing, and I’ll definitely be purchasing multiple vegan steak bakes at once in the future.
Verdict: 8/10.

Malu, Deputy MUSE Editor:
I have the steak bake every other day for breakfast, so my expectations were pretty high. But I really enjoyed the vegan version. While the regular version clearly has a much meatier texture, the vegan version has a much more vegetabley texture. However, the sauce was just as rich, which I wasn’t expecting. The pastry also tasted exactly the same. In future, I might consider getting this version for breakfast instead.
Verdict: 8/10.

Lucy, Food and Drink Editor:
I thought that the vegan pastry was more crisp than the real thing. Personally, I think the vegan bake is just as tasty as the meat version.The gravy tastes incredibly meaty, though the meat itself is a little different in texture. I’m trying to go vegetarian this month, and I think having the vegan steak bake as an option is going to make it a whole lot easier.
Verdict: 8/10.

Annabel, Food and Drink Editor:
My initial thought is that the vegan steak bake is a lot less aesthetically pleasing than the regular version. The pastry is a little anaemic, but it must be hard to get that golden colour without butter. However, looks aren’t everything, and I absolutely loved the taste. I’ve been pescatarian for three years, and have very much missed my beloved steak bakes. I’m so glad to have them back in my life.
Verdict: 9/10.

Our prediction is that hopefully next January, we’ll be able to report to you that Greggs’ staff will be receiving an even bigger bonus. The vegan steak bake is a taste sensation

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