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Sexual violence fundraiser to be held by student founded group

The event will be held tomorrow by A Multilingual Experience for Think Equal

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A University-wide charity fundraiser is being held tomorrow to raise money for the charity Think Equal. The event is being organised by A Multilingual Experience, a student founded organisation which aims to highlight the positives deriving from the diversity of students found at the University of York.

This event will also mark A Multilingual Experience’s third year anniversary and its focus is around highlighting the recent cases of sexual violence seen around the world. Think Equal is a charity which aims to empower change through primary education, providing education to ten children for every £5 donation.

The evening will play host to a selection of performances: including singers, dancers, poets and speakers. The event has also garnered wide-spread support and collaboration from over twenty campus organisations and societies.

Speaking to Nouse, Aneeska Sohal, the founder of A Multilingual Experience expressed her excitement for the event, telling us it was their “biggest event yet.” The events Facebook page shows over three hundred people who have said they are either interested or going to the charity evening. The Think Equal through A Multilingual Experience event will be held at the Norman Rea Gallery at 7pm tomorrow.

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