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Disapparate Away from Your Responsibilities: Visiting Malham Cove

Chloe Roberts shares her experience at Malham Cove, for all the walkers out there!

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Image Credit: Chloe Roberts

Malham Cove is primarily famous for its limestone pavement
which featured in Harry Potter and the
Deathly Hallows Part I
. It’s located in the Yorkshire Dales, a National
Park under two hours’ drive away, making it an accessible and cost-efficient
place to visit. Never one to disappoint, you can go on a 15km walk which
includes 2 waterfalls; Janet’s Foss and Gordale Scar; a steep climb to
challenge (or defeat) you; and a stunning view when you reach the top of the
limestone pavement.

However, when visiting Malham Cove you’ve got to be careful,
as it is a 70m drop. Last year when I visited with York’s Outdoor society, we
had a specific member whose name ranged from ‘Mountain Goat’ to ‘Idiot Walker’.
We probably should have clocked upcoming problems on our first meeting, because
whilst arriving at the car park, we noticed a figure in crocs (yes, the ugly,
plastic children’s shoes) climbing a tree. Ignoring many warnings from walk
leaders not to climb the rockface, he scaled one approximately 30m high
barefoot. I was grateful he ditched the crocs; though that was the only positive
I could see.

After more warnings, we thought he may get the message. But
whilst enjoying the limestone pavement, and geeking out about my Harry Potter
experience, we noticed a moving red dot scaling the side of the cove. You’ve
guessed it, Mountain Goat was at it again! (don’t try this when you visit).

If you are an avid walker or would like to explore more of
the local countryside, the Outdoor Society at York is something to consider.
With medium walks lasting 8-10km with a pub lunch, to long walks ranging from
15-20km with a packed lunch, any walking ability is welcome.

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