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‘Do Your Own Sh*t Your Own Way’ – Nouse Interviews FUDGE.

Alex Thompson talks origins, influence and party hat policy with Leeds based punk group Fudge.

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Image Credit: Fudge. via Chuff Media

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our reviews this year, you might be aware of Leed’s based group Fudge. from the review of their raw and explosive set at the Lending Room earlier this year. ‘Like a hand grenade being detonated in a wheelie bin’ is the closest thing I could come to describing the experience. It was a brilliantly energetic set which showed enormous potential and set Fudge. apart as charismatic outliers in an incredibly diverse and saturated punk and DIY scene. Looking back they probably deserved that elusive 5 stars, easily one of the most exciting gigs reviewed this year. Since then they’ve gone on to play festival stages including their rowdy Reading and Leeds debut and play alongside the likes of underground heavy-hitters like Strange Bones and Calva Louise. Several months ago, former Music Editor Beth Colquhoun and I got the chance to speak to the band about origins, influence and their policy on party hats.
It went a little something like this.

Is there any significance behind the name Fudge. and, more importantly, the almighty full stop?
We’re called Fudge. because at the time we couldn’t think of a name. Otto (guitar) decided it didn’t matter at all what we were called because the reputation precedes the name. Fudge. was born. The full stop, however … that’s to let

How has 2019 been so far for the band? We understand you were on BBC Introducing; how did you find that experience?
We were on BBC Introducing, that is true. I won’t lie to you, we had a great time. Not necessarily because of the fact it was the BBC and all that lark, but it was producer Shell Zenner’s birthday so we bought her a cake and made sure that both her and Alan Raw wore party hats all the time.

We have a very strict policy on hats.

You guys have a very unique sound, what are the influences behind it? Did each of you bring different genres to the table?
We often get asked this question. People have argued that they struggle to hear our influences in our songs, which is strange because we think they’re pretty obvious. We literally like every type of music between us; only Josh (bass)
likes pop punk, though, and it shows.

Punk and grime are two very distinct genres that you manage to incorporate into your music. How do you manage to fuse the two styles?
Punk and Grime are basically the same thing when you really think about it. It’s people fed up of the bollocks that the world is feeding to them; do your own shit your own way and mean it.

You had a pretty mad gig for your single launch at the Lending Room, can you tell us about it?
We sold it out. We think that’s happened three times for an unsigned band in the last however many years so we were thrilled. Not to mention the fact that the venue needed a full refurb of its arsehole after we’d ripped it a new one.

What do you think separates the band from the ‘give-no-fucks’ attitude of bands such as IDLES and Rage Against the Machine?
Not that they don’t, because we’re big fans, but we give a fuck about the right things. It’s about good people and family. There’s a lot of arseholes out there and we live in a backwards world where those arseholes are on top. Good people deserve good things and Fudge. aims to provide those good things.

Finally, what are your plans for 2019? Tour, new releases?
I mean, we could give you a proper filthy little exclusive right now … but …

Fudge.'s latest single ‘Not A Threat Just A Warning’ is available on streaming services, a third single ‘Hugger Mugger’ is set to release shortly.
This interview has been abridged from its original format

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monicjes Posted on Monday 20 Jan 2020

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