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Pros and Cons: The Return of The Jonas Brothers

Helena Senior weighs up the pros and cons of The Jonas Brothers' unexpected reunion

Even though the brothers have been planning their comeback for quite some time now, it’s the reunion none of us saw coming and that we didn’t know we needed. Their first single since the reunion, Sucker, has been a smash hit success, alongside their week-long residency at The Late Late Show With James Corden which has produced numerous trending videos on YouTube including their edition of Carpool Karaoke. It’s a reunion that I’ve had some mixed feelings about myself, so here’s my Pro’s and Con’s of The Jonas Brothers’ Reunion;

Pro: The triumphant return of Kevin

Kevin Jonas is the oldest, and arguably best, member of The Jonas Brothers. His adorable character in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam wasn’t a far cry from his own quirky, fun personality that has always made him my favourite. After the band split Kevin retreated from the spotlight more than his brothers. After marrying Danielle Deleasa in 2009 and starring in a reality TV series about his marriage in 2012, he has had two daughters; Alena and Valentina. In 2014 he appeared on Season Seven of Celebrity Apprentice in the states and launched his own business but compared to his brothers has led a relatively quiet life since the split. Now that the band is back together, Kevin has made a triumphant return to our lives, being responsible for many of the funniest moments during The Jo Bros residency at The Late Late Show. Here’s hoping that we can enjoy many more appearances from Kevin in the future.

Photo Credit: jenniferlinneaphotography

Con: The uncertain future of DNCE

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am really going to miss Joe Jonas’ band DNCE. Formed in 2015 the group had success with their debut single Cake By The Ocean, going on to appear in the television special Grease: Live! and collaborate with Rod Stewart at the 2017 VMA’s on Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? (honestly one of my favourite collaborations ever!). Whilst they did release one single and a 4 track EP in 2018, nothing matched the success of Cake By The Ocean, and with Joe’s return to The Jonas Brothers, the future of DNCE looks uncertain. It would be a tragedy to see them relegated to the world of one hit wonders so here’s hoping that Joe can find room in his heart (and time in his schedule) for both bands.

Pro: They’re all grown up

When the band officially split in 2013, after an ongoing hiatus to pursue solo projects, Joe, Nick, and Kevin were all still relatively young (23, 20, and 25 respectively) and had only left Disney Label Hollywood Records a year previously. The Jonas Brothers earlier years have generally been associated with a clean-cut Disney image, and the infamous purity rings that the boys wore. Whilst many fans will be looking forward to hearing old hits like Lovebug and Burnin’ Up played again, the bands new sound is distinctly more grown up and they have long since ditched the purity rings. Gone are the baby faced boys singing ‘Next time I see you, I'm giving you a high five, 'cause hugs are over rated, just FYI’; The Jonas Brothers are legitimately the sexiest
boy band in the charts right now.

Photo Credit: Christopher Simon

Con: Having to explain to your American friends who Busted are

This is by far the worst thing about The Jonas Brothers reunion, and something I really wish we could all forget about. Back in their Disney days The Jo Bros covered not one, but two, Busted songs in  Disney-fied, censored versions. The most famous of these covers in their version of Year 3000 which replaces the line ‘triple-breasted women swim around town totally naked’ with ‘girls there with round hair like Star Wars, Float above the floor’. It’s quite frankly insulting. I’m sure Busted make a lot of money off The Jonas Brothers’ covers, but for what it’s worth I wish they got more credit. If The Jonas Brothers could just make a Busted Awareness P.S.A then maybe all would be forgiven!

Pro: Sucker is a tune!

By far the best thing about having The Jo Bros back is it means new music! Sucker has just debuted at No.6 in the UK Charts, and is on track to debut at No.1 in the Billboard Hot 100. The music video is a decadent, Wonderland-esque love letter to the leading ladies in the brothers’ lives, starring Priyanka Chopra, Sophie
Turner, and Danielle Jonas, that definitely gave me Taylor Swift’s Blank Space vibes. The song itself is simultaneously retro and funky, whilst also being very current and still sounding like the Jonas Brothers. Combining Nick’s seductive sound and Joe’s disco pop elements, with enough classic Jonas pop, it feels like a accumulation of everything the brothers have been doing separately for the past few years. If their returning single is anything to go by, The Jonas Brothers are going to be making waves.

Photo Credit: Music Video

Overall, the Pro’s outweigh the Con’s and Sucker currently stands to be one of the biggest releases of the year. As long as they keep making awesome music (and avoid covering any more Busted songs!) I’ll be happy. With such a promising return, I’m excited to see what the brothers do next. 

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