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Review: Half Way There by Busted

Busted's latest album is a nostalgic love letter to the 90's, writes Helena Senior


In their iconic 2002 hit ‘Year 3000’, Busted sang that ‘everybody bought our seventh album’. Having just released their fourth album (a milestone some of us thought they might never reach) the boys are officially
‘Half Way There’. After their third album had mixed reactions among fans- I personally enjoyed the revamped sound- ‘Half Way There’ resurrects the old Busted for a nostalgic love letter to the past 

The ten-track album opens with the lead single from the
album ‘Nineties’, which first came out back in November, and it very much sets the tone for the entire album. The song, and its music video, is a loving ode to- you guessed it- the 1990’s. Busted’s pop rock sound and witty lyricism is definitively back for this album.

The interesting choice to include ‘What Happened To Your
Band’ actually works. The remake is definitely an improvement on the original, and the songs lyrics about the band splitting up fit in with the albums overarching theme of reflection and nostalgia. ‘Shipwrecked In Atlantis’ and ‘Race To Mars’ are both solid offerings, with referential lyrics and catchy guitar riffs. ‘All My Friends’ offers a change in pace with its softer, more melodic sound. It’s a ballad about growing older and mourning their youth.

I found that the final three tracks on the album were my favourites, lifting the album from being just another good album, to something I can see myself loving. ‘Radio’, the second single from the album, has easily the best dynamics, an amazing vocal performance from the guys, and a gorgeous guitar solo at the end. It’s very much the Busted I was hoping for on this album, and I only wish they had done more like it. ‘Nostalgia’ opens with a fantastic riff, and despite being a fairly simple song in terms of its components, it’s a successful bop of a song.

The closing track ‘It Happens’ is the perfect conclusion to an album that will make anyone miss the good old days of Top of the Pops, bootcut jeans, and movies that weren’t remakes of something. It’s an inspirational message about how even when things go wrong, you can still come out the other side better for it. Referencing their own hiatus as a band, and their subsequent reunion, Busted make their own personal journey relatable to everyone who has ever suffered a setback in life.

As a self-proclaimed retro chick, this album plays to my
love of all things nostalgic, but it still had to grow on me. Honestly, it’s refreshing to actually hear a band playing instruments instead of the over-produced, synthetic music that dominates the charts these days. It’s good, enjoyable music, that any Busted fan will quickly fall in love with. 

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