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Why Global Week should be embraced by everyone

As Global Week 2019 gets underway, Constantina Mirtzani explains why the event is so important

Global Week 2019 gets underway this weekend with an array
of cultural events taking place over the coming eight days in what is the biggest
celebration of diversity at the University of York. Since its beginning several
years ago, the International Students’ Association (ISA) event, supported by
YUSU, has become an integral part of university life. This year’s festivities
begin tomorrow (Sunday 10th
February) with the magnificent Cultural
Performance Night and will end next Saturday with the exciting Food Fiesta,
showcasing national dishes from a number of the international societies York is
proud to have. However, many other events will take place across both campuses
during the week, four of which are free of charge!

Regardless of whether you’re an international student or
not, everyone should embrace Global Week. It brings all sorts of different
cultures together, with this year’s event boasting 14 different international
societies. Attending events like this helps us develop a global mind-set and
learn how to respect other traditions, increasing our intercultural
sensitivity. You can learn so many new things that will change the way you view
the world, all in a friendly and fun environment, meeting new people you have
probably never crossed paths with before.

Coming from Greece, which ethnically is largely
homogenous (almost everyone is Greek), I had rarely mixed with people from other
nationalities. Since starting at the University of York though, I have mixed
with people from all over the world and made friends that will last long beyond
graduation. It is so important that we embrace all of the different
nationalities, religions and languages that make up our University, especially
with all the uncertainty of Brexit over our heads. So many of our lecturers,
librarians and general University staff are connected to pastures elsewhere,
and campus life would be much worse were they not here.

Global Week at York, like at so many other Universities
around the country, is becoming one of the most important cultural celebrations
on campus. It brings people from all over campus and all over the world
together, to celebrate the differences which make our society so great. 

Even if the events in this year’s Global Week don’t
appeal to you, there are so many other cultural events that regularly happen on
campus that are definitely worth attending to enhance your University

Below is the timetable:  

Sunday 10th of February: Cultural
Performance Night: 6 societies have worked hard to prepare several performances
for you.  Tickets are £5.

Monday 11th of February: ‘’Back to
the Future? UK-Commonwealth Trade after Brexit’’, a talk in collaboration with
EconSoc. Free entry.

Tuesday 12th of February: International
Karaoke @ The Lounge.

Wednesday 13th of February:
International Football Tournament. 6 international societies have put together
a football team to take part in the ISA 5-aside football tournament.

Friday 15th of February:
International Movie Night. In collaboration with the World Cinema Society we
will be showing the Korean movie Lady Vengeance. Free entry.

Saturday 16th of February: Food
Fiesta. 12 international societies will cook several dishes from the country
and will serve them to you at the Roger Kirk Centre. Tickets are £10.


For more information on Global Week 2019, visit the
official ISA FB page or contact one of the committee members.


Constantina Mirtzani: International Students’ Officer
& Food Fiesta Coordinator.

Tim Nguyen: International Students’ Officer.


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