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Netball 1s easily overcome Leeds Beckett

Women's 1s get their long-awaited first victory of the season with an impressive display

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YORK WOMEN's 1s got their first win of the season with a 47-26 victory over Leeds Beckett 3s. It breathed a sigh of relief for the team, who have lost their three opening fixtures this campaign, and had been winless since February.

However, they certainly haven't been outclassed this season. Most recently, they suffered an agonisingly close defeat at the hands of Sheffield Hallam, losing 56-51. Scoring has not been a problem for the team, but rather, they seen to have just slipped up ever so slightly at the crucial teams. The opposite can be said of Leeds Beckett, who have struggled in t heir oppositions third, being the lowest scorers in the Northern 3B League. This would prove to be a problem for them once again in their tie at the Sports Arena. Although they came into the game with three points from two games, they were completely outclassed by their

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Yorkshire rivals.

York had started as the better of the two sides, quickly taking the lead. A lot of help in the first quarter came mostly from the penalties going York's way. The big problem for Beckett was their inability in the final third, not capitalising on their shooting opportunities. This wasn't a problem for York, who remained calm when under pressure in the oppositions third, and ended the quarter with a 11-4 lead. The visitors seemed much better at the start of the second quarter, with two quick points in less than two minutes. York seemed dazed, but they soon refocused themselves, and scored two points in rapid succession just a few minutes later. Beckett were finding space well, and were coming back into the game. The home side were proving to be ruthless with their counter attacking play though, earning successive points very quickly. This was the only quarter in which Beckett were able to match York in terms of the score, both scoring eight points apiece, leaving the score 19-12 at the halfway stage.

If Leeds Beckett thought there was a chance of getting back into the game, it didn't take long into the third quarter for that feeling to disappear. York seemed to get into gear, putting a further 10 points on the board in a spell, Beckett managed none. After that long scoreless streak, the away side battled hard to salvage something from the fixture, and did look like the better team at the end of the third quarter. However, it was too little too late. York were 35-19 up and both teams were going into the fourth quarter with a mentality that the game was over.

The final period lacked any real excitement, although the York team will not have been bothered by this whatsoever. This was one of those matches where the result is much more important than the performance itself. No points were scored in the first three minutes, but the women's team managed to get a few more points in the dying moments. York ended with an impressive 47-26 victory, their first of the season.

The win lifted York off the bottom off the table, swapping places with Leeds Beckett. The women's team had been the only side in the Northern 3B League not to record a victory so far this season, so last Wednesday's result was desperately needed.

Next up for York is another home fixture in the Sports Arena on 21st November, against Sheffield Hallam 2s. This fixture is also the York Sport Union's One to Watch match for next week, so hopefully this can act as an added incentive to spur the girls on to another victory.

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