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Teammates: Aditi Patel of women's lacrosse

Nouse talks to women's lacrosse's Aditi Patel.

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Credit: UYLC

Name: Aditi Patel

Position: Mid-defence

Course: Environmental Science

Year: 1

Most Dedicated: Cara Ullyatt - she never misses a practice and it shows in her play.

Biggest Lightweight: Cara Ullyatt - every time in Salvos without fail she gets legless.

Best Motivator: Poppy Bellgrove - she is an audible presence whenever we play.

Most Improved: Olivia May - her catching has improved, she is twice the player she was six months ago.

Most Natural Ability: Shrina Patel - she's a fierce attacker and her cradling style is brilliant.

Most likely to be injured: Alyce Chard - she has broken both her cheekbones playing.

Best Fresher: I think I'm going to have to say myself, I'm not going to lie. I've been playing a long time

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