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Game Review: Minos Strategos

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A while ago I reviewed Militia and very much enjoyed it. Since then it's been a game that I've occasionally redownloaded and played. As you can perhaps imagine then I was thrilled to see that Brain Good Games were bringing out something new with Minos Strategos, and it does not disappoint.

It follows the same art style and basic concepts as Militia but brings all the pieces together in a very different way. Initially the game involves a board filled with a number of your pieces and a number of Minotaurs. The objective is simple, move your pieces onto certain squares and hold them for a number of turns until you have enough points before the Minotaurs manage to do the same and reach their point limit.

The interest comes from the asynchronous nature of the two players. As the human player each turn you can only move one piece one square (or alternatively place down one piece on any free place on the board) the Minotaurs however move every piece one square each turn. Not only this but when you capture a minotaur (by moving one of your pieces onto it) it will respawn somewhere along the edge of the board but the same cannot be said for yours. This clearly puts you at a massive disadvantage so to level the playing field each turn you can also play a tactics card that may have effects ranging getting additional moves to spawning in certain squares or eliminating in others.

Much like other games by the studio it gets hard fast. Even with the tactics cards it's clear that you are the weaker player and it's only your own cunning that will get you through unscathed. The addition of power ups and other enemy types along with being able to create stronger units leads to a huge amount of tactical options and a lot to learn in order to master it.

Whilst I can heartily recommend Minos Strategos it is not perhaps a game that anyone would play for hours at a time, It seems more suited to short bursts of a couple of levels of play. Perhaps because of this like its forbearer it is better suited to mobile devices where I must admit the majority of my time playing Brain Good Games has been. However from a quick look on the android store page I see that Militia has only about 5000 downloads so if this will occur

The review key for this product was provided by the developer free of charge.

Score: 4/5

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