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Game Review: Ellipsis

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When I first looked at Ellipsis I didn't expect too much. A simple enough game that might be fun for an hour or so, a fairly quick game to knock through some of and write up. Six hours later I had one hundred percented the game and thoroughly enjoyed my time with it.

The idea is simple, move your mouse into the circles as they appear. Upon hitting the fourth circle an exit gate will appear allowing you to complete the level. As you might expect the challenge increases throughout the game with more obstacles, enemies and tougher level design. There's also an optional fifth circle, collectable dots and a timer that if all are completed adds to getting you a five star ranking.

Okay, this is all fairly standard and uninspiring. So what's the big deal with Ellipsis? Honestly I'm not sure if that's something I could wholly answer. The game is well made with solid enough visuals, music and it plays well but even so it's rare for something like this to fill me with the drive to 5 star every single level.

It's a simple enough concept but it manages to keep up a constant trickle of new obstacles so you never get bored and the occasional level can make you ram your head against it over and over until you eventually manage to beat it. There's not too much to it and if you're particularly skilled you might be able to get through it fairly quickly and if you're looking for story or deep mechanics then this game isn't for you.

The review key for this product was provided by the developer free of charge.


Score: 4/5

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