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The shoot goes bohemian, embracing Adorned's unique and upcycled pieces

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Gypsy blouses and floaty ankle length skirts, set against the backdrop of a beautiful fair trade throw, signal a transition into Spring. In this edition's shoot, we're being optimistic that Summer will come early. Adnorned is a mother-daughter duo from the North of England who create upcycled wearables, resulting in exquisite personal clothing and jewellery. They aim for a bohemian style, creating pretty pieces that are created both sustainably and ethically.

In the first look, a floor length embroidered and jewelled dress and one-off kaftan two-piece captivate and take influence from Asian designs. In the second look, floating skirts and cropped blouses allow us to create a hippy style. The shoot has a big focus on jewellery, from gorgeous hand-crafted agate necklaces to hands decked in gemstone rings. The first look embraces Adorned's cleverly crafted headpieces, which link gold metal and blue gemstones, adding something unique to an outfit. In the second look, we've aimed for an ocean blue and white jewellery ensemble, which is complemented with a thin line of turquoise eyeliner to bring out the color of the skirts. Overall, Adorned is a shining example of a brand which balances style, ethical values and an undoubtedly unique look.

All clothing, jewellery and backdrop courtesy of Adorned. Shoes are models own.
Fashion Editor and Creative Director: Beki Elmer, Photographer: James Hostford, Makeup: Sarah Martin, Models: Sophie Crump & Jamila Hamze, Assistant: Melissa Temple

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