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The Union WAG

This week has just been so tough for my man. I know that when my boy gets home from a hard day at the office he'll need his dinner on the table straight away. Everyone says he spends all his time on Facebook, but I know it's not true because he doesn't talk to me when it says he's 'online'. I know he's too busy booking in important meetings with the other Sabbs, anyway. He works so hard, I even had to book Snuggle Time into his work calendar last week - my baby is in just such high demand from everyone!

The girls and I were so sad that our last lunch date had to get cancelled because the boys needed us to make the tea for Officer's Coffee. We usually picnique outside the James computer room and talk about all the current affairs of the day - how the Democratic Review is coming along (it's all over my head, but I've got to keep up with things), and we like to plan the next version of the Courtyard menu.

Instead we've had to create a private Facebook question (just like the team do up in YUSU HQ, how cool is that!!?) to discuss our thoughts on our vision for the next menu. I'm so glad we introduced the BBQ chicken wings this time. They went down an absolute storm! Getting rid of the spicy chicken pakora was a huge error though, it really was the perfect lunchtime bite.

There's so much exciting stuff coming up this term. I'm most excited for the Summer Ball, I've got my dress picked out already. It's orange with a blue frill, but I still haven't found the perfect shoes yet. I really want to get them personalised like my YUSU logo tracksuit was. But apparently personalisation on leather is harder than when you get it on velour? Such a nightmare.

We're having everyone over to ours after Roses weekend to celebrate. I might get white rose commemorative goblets for everyone. I think it'll be that extra special touch for the evening - plus they'll go perfectly with the mini chocolate eclairs and chicken goujons I got from Your:Shop. Such great value in there! I'm also planning rosettes for the party bags, just like the ones at the YUSU Awards.

The girls and I have got our own Awards Ceremony planned for the end of term. Last year I got nominated for WAG Performance of the Year, but I got beaten out at the last minute. I've managed to get my man's support to perform Sonny and Cher's absolute classic tune: "I Got YUSU Babe". We're filming it en locale in front of the Studio and the Student Centre this week - wish me luck!!

The gap year tragedy

I've been having what I can only describe as a post-ironic life crisis this week. As I sat pondering by the lake on campus, I could only think of that time when I was in India, sitting by a lake in Pushkar, when I just felt such a spiritual connection to the earth. I feel the concrete here at York is seeping into my soul, and I am losing that spiritual connection, which saddens me greatly.

I feel like other students here have so little appreciation for the inner spiritual self. I cannot help but scorn at everyone in my halls as they head out to Salvation wearing little but a skimpy dress and a vajazzle. I find my hareem pants to be much more dignified eveningwear.

I guess I shouldn't be too harsh though. After all, I was the same a year ago; but my whole outlook changed after my two-week meditation course in an Indian ashram. I felt the cloud of materialism simply lift from my eyes. I made such a point in my seminar yesterday, but my tutor dismissed it as irrelevant; closed-minded ignorance in my opinion.

I've found some kindred spirits who had similar experiences as me on their travels. We have started a weekly vietnamese street-food night, with traditional singing and chai. It also gives me a great opportunity to practice on the sitar I purchased; handmade by a Nepalese buddhists, it is my most prized possession. My attempts to bring it out at D-Bar open mike night however, did not go down so well. My fellow students are sadly such philistines.

The campus thespian

Darling sorry can't talk, I've got to be in the Barn - we've only got 200 hours, you see, to rehearse this rehearsed reading of my debut play, and I want to get there early to cram in a touch of training for the physical theatre montage in the fifth act. We're perfecting the levitation before my lift, so a series of games and a touch of jumping around should do the trick - it'll be alright on the night! It tells the tale of tales that have never been told before, touching upon the subplot of cannibalism. Not quite a musical, but there will be choral harmonized panting throughout, yes, to add that erotic touch to the strip scene.

My last play? Unfortunately it came under the petty wrath of the campus media, who clearly have no grasp of interactive theatre. The reviews went up well after midday though, so thankfully that deems them irrelevant.

Anyway, my play: I have the best cast - the inside jokes are just rib-tickling, you should see my status updates, they really are a highlight of anyone's newsfeed. You should have come to the latest drama fest we all went to - can't for the life of me remember the name, I do so many, it was a punnet of giggles though.

Anyway, my cast. We have all been in things together before. Not many, no - 3 a term roughly. You missed the auditions? Oh not to worry, it was a small do at mine so you weren't to know. Do come and see it though darling, get your ticket now, I'm sure Friday's selling out already, really it is. It's reduced capacity due to the number of antiques I've staged rustically about the room, so only 5 tickets available per night.

Actually, now that you've got me talking - although really, I should rush off - what are you going for in the Barn next term? I'm pitching a new piece of my own; a reworking of something vintage - yet to reach the plot stage, but I can confirm it will be a first for the Barn involving live doves. No the characters aren't 'written' per se - you can establish that yourself towards the end of the rehearal period, but I'd really rather work on casting my next play after that, so the rehearsals will take audition form.

But really, enough about me, let's hear what you're up to this summer - are you coming to see my show in Edinburgh? It really will be something new. No, not doves this time, eagles. More eye catching on the Royal Mile, you see. And yes, sorry, that one is cast already as well.

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