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The Winner

Whew - thank God I won the bloody thing! The tight margin was a bit of a scare, but I just y'know, had a good feeling. I'm a winner, right? And winning is what I do.

It was good to know my campaign team putting in that huge shift on Wednesday wasn't to waste either. I had called in just about everybody I knew to get my leaflets out and about while I practiced my winning face for a good four or five hours afterwards. When you're responsible for so many hopes, dreams and people it really would be irresponsible not to practice a good reaction to taking the big prize itself.

I got my friend in to give me feedback, as I strained to get every last drop of humility out of my facial reaction. That drama A-Level?

Definitely not a waste of time at all, it was all the training I needed to master my reactions perfectly. Didn't bother practicing my losing face though, knew there was no need. Not a chance that I wasn't going to take the prize in the end.

Of course, in reality, I wasn't the slightest bit bothered. I was well aware that I was going to beat those three losers. Who were they anyway? They all lacked my talent, and at times I was wondering if they were even trying. As if they thought they had the amount of friends I do on this campus. Amateurs, I'd really expected better from all of them. Maybe it'll be harder next year.

My favourite moment of the campaign had to be collecting the £20 from the sceptical fresher in my team. When she saw the exit polls come out, she looked so downcast. How on Earth could a strong candidate like me be last, she must have thought.

But obvs I knew better, and made her put money on the outcome. And look at me now, £20 the richer. I really am such a winner, just through and through.

The job itself though? I'm not worried; I'll probably start thinking about it all in a few months, you know, the ins and outs of what it actually involves. It really shouldn't be much work, especially with my oh-so trusty campaign team behind me once again. They'll definitely be backing me up from my place in YUSU Tower.

Apparently I've got to go to a committee or something? Sounds tedious. My campaign manager says that I can definitely meet all my promises, and I better hope so: I've got Elections 2012 to think about. Bigger and better things await!

The Campaign Team

So glad he won! Well, I say that, but it's probably more that I'm glad it's over. All those hours handing out leaflets weren't for nothing. I might have gotten an academic warning for missed seminars, but I, yes I, got somebody elected to the prestigious halls of YUSU. He's going to join the greats - Dan Walker, Lewis Bretts, Tom Scott. True heroes of student politic, great men of action. And I made that happen. Me, with my billboard and my never-say-die attitude to handing out leaflets with a guy's face on them.

Of course, it wasn't easy, either. I had the strength of conviction to carry on like a trooper when all seemed bleak; I very nearly flipped when a fresher queuing for the cash machine asked me "what are these elections, anyway?" but somehow managed to keep my cool. By the time she'd taken her tenner from the machine, she really looked like she cared just how many societies there are on campus.

Oh, and when the candidate screamed at me was a definite low. It was right after we did a bit of a poll and it turned out nobody knew who the candidates were. We were all in shock, but he took it hardest. Between sobs he asked me "don't you know how hard I've worked for this?" I, of course, did. Because I had been there every step of the way. Loyalty is a two-way street, and I emotionally reminded him that we had to avoid destroying our friendship forever.

I'm pleased to say I think he took it to heart. I understand the pressure though - being a BNOC must be such hell. Election season really can bring out the worst in us all.

And don't get me started on the rival campaign team. I couldn't believe that they actually thought their "big issues" were important; I mean, our manifesto for change was amazing.

Our policies were iron tight, but they insisted on mocking them anyway. Getting more trampolines for Trampolining Soc is of utmost importance to so many people. Of course, I suspect they know that know they're getting over the pain of defeat.

But what next for me? Well, hopefully I'll be remembered next year. Such contributions to a campaign will surely not go unnoticed, and I'm sure I'll get promoted to Campaign Manager for the re-election bid. Perhaps a UGM to name a building named after me too? I wouldn't mind one of those swanky new bits on Hes East...

The almost-Sabb

Friday:I just can't face the world. Unbelievable loss - vote rigging maybe? Put on my best face for it, but the tears were inevitable. Who said there's anything wrong with a bit of emotion?

I'm staying in bed, hopefully I'll be brough another mug of hot chocolate or maybe a glass of wine. The first episode of Friends on E4 was amazing, although after the tenth I'm growing a bit weary. Might change the channel if I can bear to get up. It just hurts too much.

Saturday: Nope, still hurts. Just about dragged myself out of my misery bed but ended up crying on the sofa. Can't believe I'm not going to be in YUSU next year, I know most people wouldn't understand but it really does burn. Bingeing through TV box sets is helping a bit I suppose. Maybe I'll go see Fusion later.

Sunday: Mum and Dad turned up today try and cheer me up - no such luck. No matter how much I try, I can't quite bring myself to smile. The trip around town, new clothes and lovely dinner out were all well and good, but I'd set my heart on that little office space. I'd even picked out my chair! All the time spent learning all that rubbish they deal with was wasted. I suppose this is how heartbreak feels?

Monday: Got my MA application in already. Good job I went to see Fusion in the end - I'm going to need them in support of my candidacy for next year. I'll weather it out here for a bit longer yet, since I made plenty of friends anyway, and go for it again. I'm needed, even if people couldn't realise it this year.

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